At Last The Secret To RUGBY Is Revealed

At Last The Secret To RUGBY Is Revealed

At long last, the internet has been given a feminist icon in Zahra Nouri, coach of the Tehran Stars rugby team. And the world is going crazy for her.

Nouri, who is an Iranian woman, combines two of the hardest things in the world: motherhood and coaching a rugby team. And she’s doing it all with a smile.

A Tweet from Iran’s sports site Varzesh3 has racked up nearly 17,000 likes in just a week, all for the video of Nouri leading her team while a baby naps in her arms.

It’s not hard to see why she’s receiving so much attention, especially in this day and age, when women are being conditioned to Have It All(tm). But the most important thing is that she’s proving people wrong that rugby and parenting can be done together — and she deserves every bit of praise that she’s getting for it.

The Rules Of RUGBY

When playing rugby, you need to understand that it’s a game of strategy and tactics. It’s not a very easy game to master, but it’s also not impossible to get good at it.

There are a few basic skills that you must learn to play well, including the ability to pass and how to run effectively. You should be able to do these things with practice and repetition, but it’s always best to watch other players to see how they do them.

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