RUGBY Adventures – Learn About the Game of Rugby

RUGBY Adventures is a fantastic way for your children to learn about the game of rugby and have a fun-filled two days. Designed with your child in mind, these rugby camps are run by specialist WRU rugby coaches and Activity Instructors. They will be able to take part in a morning of rugby training and skills development, before mixing up with some fun activities during the day.

A Typical Game of Rugby

The sport of rugby is a combination of soccer and American football, with similar rules and a few more unique features. One of the more unique aspects of a rugby game is the scrum, which is a tug-of-war type situation between big players (denoted as forwards) from both teams. The goal is to drive the other team off of the ball by tackling them, releasing it to a player on the offensive side or to a teammate, and then allowing them to take possession.

Another way that points are scored is by kicking the ball through posts, centered in each tryzone. These tries are worth five points.

A Tournament

The longest-running 10s rugby tournament in the Midwest is Pigfest, which takes place every summer in Oshkosh. It’s a fun-filled event that includes rotisserie pig, burgers and beer.

Getting Started with Rugby

In Wisconsin, there are many opportunities for youth, college, and senior club teams to play rugby. For more information, visit the website of the Wisconsin Rugby Football Union, which has resources for people of all ages.

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